Our Van - It is pretty big!

The first question people always ask us is, will it fit in the van? The answer! We've been able to fit anything people have asked us to move in the back of it or on the roof. The No Hiccup Pick Up vans have a cargo area 5.2m cubed. We know that means nothing to most. However, you can fit an average studio apartment in the back of it when moving household items around Sydney.
Most household items such as king beds, sofas, or even sizeable double door fridges or freezers will fit comfortably. It is 2500mm long by 1590mm wide, and the height is 1270mm so it still can fit in underground car parks to make your moving straightforward. It has both back doors and side doors, depending on the item that needs moving. As a matter of fact, Please call us if you are unsure and we'll be happy to assist you.

Move A Sofa Sydney

Look, most loungers are pretty hard to move unless you have a big van, plus a big Dan as we do. No hiccup Pick Up help people move their things anywhere around Sydney.
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Move A Fridge Freezer Sydney

Have you got a kitchen appliance that needs moving? Well, there is no way you're going to move it. So leave it with us, and we'll move it for you.
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Move A Dining Table Sydney

Getting a new dining table or donating the old one to family or friends? No problem we'll drop the old one off for you and pick up your new one.
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We Have the Tools and the Knowledge

There is no need to worry about moving household items Sydney. We have lifting equipment and protective covers to ensure your items are delivered right. No Hiccups Pick Up will secure all items with straps. We do, however, with a home move ask you to pack things yourself and wrap precious items in a protective paper or good quality boxes, bubble wrap to minimise any damage while transporting items. Alternatively if you have precious items we do offer a $350 insurance based on general items that is available. Please ask Us.